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Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to the FAQ page.
Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions about our products

Q1. Does your classes require prior baking experience?

Presently, all classes do not require prior baking experience. However, do note that the instructor will only demonstrate key steps of the recipe. If you are not familiar with basic steps like sieving flour, you can highlight to the instructor. She will either show you or ask the more regular & experienced participant(s) to show you if time is tight.
And if it does require prior baking experience, i will state it in the workshop details with skill-level needed.

Q2. Is your classes conducted in English?

Yes, all classes are conducted in English; unless stated otherwise. While Shinni can speak some mandarin, it will not be fair to other English speaking attendees unless it is a private class just for you and your own group.

Q3. Is your classes suitable for vegetarian and Halal?

Some classes do use powder gelatine. Thus, it would be good to email to for further enquiry. Presently, all our classes are Halal-friendly - we do not use alcohol or pork; unless stated otherwise.

Q4. How do I keep in touch with your new class schedule?

Three ways to keep in touch.
  1. Visit our schedule webpage often, (ii) email us at to be put on our mailing list
  2. Add to our mailing list below.
  3. OR add to our Facebook BakinCow Fanpage - we update new classes on our fanpage too.

Q5. Are your classes hands-on or demonstration? And for adults or for kids?

Classes are hands-on & working in teams, and the classes are mainly for adults; unless stated otherwise in the workshop details. Hands-on class include washing so you can use it for the next recipe.
Since you are working in teams (typically team size of 2 to 4 depending on overall class size), some of the baking procedures will use shared equipments such as mixer. The rest of the procedures will be performed individually.
And the instructor will perform demonstration on key steps of the recipe and followed by students to do hands-on work themselves . However, if you are not familiar with any other steps, you can highlight to the instructor to teach you.

Q6. How big is your class size and what is the duration per session?

Class size is typically around eight to ten participants; unless stated otherwise. Smaller class size provides a more conducive learning environment as well as more intimate guidance from the teacher. Duration of class is typically 3 to 3.5hours. However some classes are 4 to 5 hours. SkillsFuture approved class varies in duration, so please check on the individual courses. You can also see the class duration in the class description or schedule calendar.

Q7. What are the benefits attending your baking workshops?

Some of the key benefits are:
  • Small class size for enhanced learning experience; typically maximum 8-10 participants (for non-SkillsFuture class), SkillsFuture classes will have class size of 12pax.
  • Usually work in small groups of 2 to 3. Build teamwork.
  • Close guidance. With small class size, instructor can spend more time with each participant
  • Conducive learning environment
  • Using simple home baking equipment & easily available ingredients
  • No additional cost to be paid; ingredients and material costs are included in the course fee already; unless stated otherwise

Q8. Do you conduct private one-to-one lesson? And what's the fee like?

Please click here.

Q9. Where do I find the pricing and class details?

You can find the pricing and class details by clicking on the Baking Classes

Q10. Which baking classes are suitable for beginners?

I frequently get asked on which baking classes should a beginner take. I find it hard to answer, as different people have different learning curve. So, I decide to squeeze my brain juice to 'bake' some good recommendation. ; )
Generally, BakinCalf baking classes are suitable for beginner to intermediate. So, most of my classes are suitable for beginners too. Unless otherwise stated.

Rule of thumb, if you have never never bake before and would really like to start from really basic. Choose cookie classes, muffin classes and cupcake classes. And classes without cake decoration to start with.

After which, you can proceed to learn other cakes and then move on to whole cake - that is example Unicorn Cake, Carrot Cake, Black Forest, Red Velvet Devotion, Strawberry Cake, Color My Rainbow, etc...

Up the challenge further and if you like decoration there are fondant cupcake classes like My Secret Garden, Animal Friends and whole fondant cake decoration like Minion Cake.**

Nevertheless, I have always say that if you think you're a quick learner and have nimble fingers, then come with an open mind and join any of my classes. I'll impart important pointers so that you wouldn't make those common mistakes others have made.

**Also look out for new classes which frequently BakinCalf will come out with.

Q11a. Does BakinCalf have SkillsFuture approved classes?

Yes BakinCow have few classes that are approved for SkillsFuture funding. You can find the pricing and class detail by clicking on the SkillsFuture Classes.

Q11b. I don't have a SkillsFuture, can I still join this class?

Yes you can. Register the class you are interested by adding to cart and make online payment immediately via Paypal. Your registration is confirm upon payment.

Q12. How's your workshop format like?

A general guide of the class format:
Most of the BakinCalf classes are hands-on with guidance from the teacher and demonstrations on essential steps; unless stated otherwise in the workshop details. Our class format's intent is for students to learn more recipes as well as more hands-on practise. This is important so that the teacher can guide and correct you during the class. So, you are encouraged to ask the teacher if you have queries.
Therefore, there is a trade-off between learning more recipes & having more practise vs full demonstration with less recipes within the same class session period; since time is finite. We chose the former because we think it will help students learn the most.
Usually, you work in group of 2 to 4 (typically 2). And yes, you do have to do washing, measuring, etc... during the workshop.
Important: Each class format may varies a little. And we may introduce some classes with more demo but less recipes if we think it suits the teaching objective and recipes to be taught. For specific class format, refer to the individual class details for more info. If you have further queries regarding the class format, you can write to to clarify.

Q13. What to bring to class?

You should bring the following items when attending BakinCalf workshop:
  1. Apron. Do bring your own apron if you have one. But it's entirely optional.
  2. Pen & Paper. You are likely to jot down notes during class even though printed recipes will be provided.
  3. Reusable bag. We encourage you to bring your own bag to bring home your bakes. Paper cake box will be provided.
  4. Be 5-10 mins early.

Q14. How do I go about to register for SkillsFuture classes?

Step 1: Email to register for a SkillsFuture Approved Course. Upon receiving a confirmation email from BakinCow. You will need to make a deposit of $100 to BakinCow.
Step 2: BakinCow/BakinCalf will provide you with the bank details in the email.
Step 3: Proceeds to login to the Skillsfuture website using your SingPass to Submit A Claim. SkillsFuture will notify BakinCow on the status of the claim (approved or rejected) and the amount that can be claimed. No further email/s from BakinCow will be sent out. You will receive a refund of $100 deposit in cash during the last lesson of the course. SkillsFuture will directly debit the course fee to BakinCow.
Step 4: You can check your status of SkillsFuture funding with